Helping you to

Clarify your Calling,

Overcome your Obstacles,


Define your Direction

so you can


Perfectly Unhackable

and reach new heights of success.


Hi, I’m


I used to build things, but now I build people.

For over 35 years I focused on foundations, framing, finishes and maintenance that created beautiful buildings and highways.  Today I focus on clarifying callings, overcoming obstacles, and defining directions to create perfectly unhackable Ascending Leaders.  And it’s way more rewarding!

You’ve come to the right place if you’re:

  • Not sure what your purpose is, why you are here, or what you’re meant to do with your life.  Hey, that’s okay, we all have a purpose in life, sometimes we just need a little help finding it.
  • A leader or aspiring leader looking to strengthen your skills or fortify your courage to lead.  I know how you feel, I’ve been there too. Leadership isn’t easy, but it’s rewarding.
  • Struggling with a sticking point, or trying to get past an obstacle of some sort.  I get it.  As a perfectionist I used to get stuck all the time too.


The Ascending Leader Framework

There’s no magic formula or secret access to becoming an Ascending Leader.  All it requires is that you understand, who you are, what your purpose is, how you will live into that purpose, and to fortify yourself against obstacles and resistance that try to derail your journey.

When you work with me, together we help you become an Ascending Leader so that you are equipped, encouraged and empowered to help your family, business, church, organization or community reach new heights of success.

The 4-part Ascending Leader framework includes:

Clarify Your Calling: Gain clarity on your purpose for life and declare mastery over it.

Overcome Your Obstacles: Defeat limiting beliefs and overcome the resistance that’s holding you back from fulfilling your purpose.

Define Your Direction: Create a plan to break free and start living your dream.

Become Perfectly Unhackable: Master the power and process for creating flawless ideas, leveraging superhuman focus, and achieving optimal performance through flow.

The entire process is available through a variety of opportunities, including self-study programs, individual or group coaching, special events, and speaking engagements.


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The Perfection Paradox book launch party.  August 21, 2021, 2 pm, Phoenix, AZ (GreenTree Inn & Suites off the Broadway Curve).

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Join Jeff and the Ascending Leaders Community the morning of the second Saturday of each month for complimentary learning, networking, relationship building, and more.

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In partnership with John Maxwell, we are honored to again host the Live2Lead simulcast event, morning of October 8, 2021, Virtual.


Perfection. It sounds appealing. After all, what is better than perfect? Once we’ve tasted perfection, good will never be good enough again! At least that’s what we tell ourselves.

I know firsthand how debilitating an addiction to the ideal can be. After a lifetime pursuing perfection, I broke free from its grip. And now, so can you. In The Perfection Paradox, you will discover:

  • How good intentions and efforts can lead to an addiction to perfection.
  • The effects of perfectionism on yourself and those around you.
  • A path to understanding and living with perfectionism in a way that serves you rather than enslaves you.

Are you ready to escape the Paradox…  Click on the image at right to learn more.