Hello, I’m Jeffrey A. Kramer, but you can call me Jeff.

I’m an author, coach and speaker who helps people and organizations become Perfectly Unhackable in work, life, and play. I have a special passion for helping people struggling with perfectionism. As a recovering perfectionist myself, I understand all too well the paralyzing effect an addiction to ideal can have on realizing individual or organizational success, or even realizing progress for that matter.

Why did I become an author, coach & speaker?

I spent over 35 years in public service and related organizations as an accomplished executive and leader who designed and built things. Important, impressive, even award-winning things, but things nonetheless. For most of those years I overachieved and overdelivered, and that takes its toll.

Late into my career I realized I wasn’t happy anymore. Sure, I still loved construction, the process of solving problems, and seeing things built.  But the J-O-B wasn’t

delivering the same J-O-Y any longer. To make things worse, I noticed I was losing myself, becoming more and more demanding and inflexible, with my perfectionism addiction reaching a peak.

One of my mentors said something powerful to me – “It’s hard to see the picture when you’re inside the frame.” I decided to step out of my frame and take along hard look at myself, my life, and what I wanted to do from that point forward. I realized I was happiest and most energized when I was helping others, coaching or teaching them, or when I was speaking for an audience. That’s when I knew that I needed to convert all those years of experience, the skills and knowledge collected, into something that builds people instead of things.

I worked with multiple coaches to clarify and write my OPUS (you can read it here), which is my personal statement of my purpose in life, who it’s for, and how I will live into it; to learn to manage my own struggles with perfectionism and productivity; and to transform my mindset. My self-image changed from Failure to Overcomer. I purposefully and intentionally named my company Ascension Leadership Group – ascension means to climb, to soar, to rise to a higher point. To reach new heights. I knew I wanted to create Ascending Leaders – people who want themselves, their family, teams, churches, organizations and communities to become Perfectly Unhackable and reach new heights of success.

What does that mean for You?

When you and I work together, we leverage my past and present to create your future:

  • If you’re lost or confused, you’ll gain clarity and direction
  • If you’re imprisoned as an imposter, you’ll be redeemed and reset
  • If you’re paralyzed by perfection, you’ll become freed by your flaws


I’ve walked the path, and learned how to lead others on their journey. If you are waiting for permission, you’ve got it. If you are waiting for belief, I believe in you. If you are waiting to start, seize the day.  Let’s build something great together – Let’s build you!

How will You Benefit when we work together?

All that work I put in, the years of experience, the coaching I received, and the credentials I earned mean you are getting someone who is trained and qualified at the highest level of professionalism and service. When we work together you benefit from:

  • Author of The Perfection Paradox
  • Certified Coach and Speaker by Igniting Souls
  • Certified Coach and Speaker by Maxwell Leadership
  • Empowerment Mentoring Licensed Facilitator 
  • Certified Human Behavior Consultant by Personality Insights
  • Certified Working Genius Facilitator by The Table Group
  • Recognized Leader
  • Eagle Scout
  • Public Works Leadership Fellow (American Public Works Association)
  • Henning Award recipient (American Academy of Certified Public Managers)
  • Harry H. Mellon Lifetime Distinguished Service Award (Center for Job Order Contracting Excellence)